San Roque

San Roque

San Roque

San Roque – Argentina

A highly attractive gold exploration property located in the friendly mining region of the Rio Negro, which is a province in northeastern Patagonia, Argentina.


Situated 85 kilometers west of the deep seaport San Antonio Oeste, in Rio Negro Argentina, the San Roque prospect is accessible by high volume highway, which borders the property.  Close to water and a nearby labour force, the property also boasts hydroelectric power.


Excellent local infrastructure exists at the San Roque property. The project includes the following features:

  • High tension power lines
  • Natural gas pipeline
  • Standard gauge railway
  • Modern high-volume highway


San Roque lies within the Somuncura Massif, a crustal-scale geomorphologic unit consisting of Precambrian to Cambrian metamorphic, Paleozoic plutonic intrusive, and Mesozoic to Cenozoic volcanic and sub-volcanic rocks. The metamorphic rocks comprise gneiss and mica schist and are intruded by Carboniferous and Permian granitoid bodies. Triassic-Jurassic volcano-sedimentary rocks form an extensive plateau over the massif.


San Roque is located in the northeast part of the Somuncura Massif which consists of Upper Triassic and Jurassic rocks, mostly dacite and rhyolite ash-flows and synchronous co-magmatic domes, lava flows and dikes known as the Marifil Complex.


There are currently more than 25 epithermal gold and silver exploration and development projects ongoing within the Somuncura Massif. Two of the most significance are La Navidad with a Measured & Indicated resource of 532 million ounces of silver, and Calcatreu with a Measured & Indicated resource of 676 thousand ounces of gold.